Adding Featured section on site.

Follow the steps below to setup/enable the featured section:

  • Go to Appearance > Customize
  • Go to “Front Page Settings”
  • Go to “Featured Section”
  • Check/Uncheck “Enable Featured Section” to enable/disable featured section.
  • Check/Uncheck “Enable featured section all over site” to enable/disable featured section all over the site.
  • “Choose Featured Layout” > Theme offer 2 layout for free version and 3 layouts with 1 more additional layout for premium version.
  • “Slide Items to show” > Add total items to be shown on slider with
  • Select slider Category and Grid category according to slider layout

Additional Settings for Pro Version
Advertisement image >
Upload Advertisement image and add link to display advertisement image under the featured section

Featured Layout Width>
if you choosing featured layout 1, you get the extra layout setting for container width:
– “Featured Container Style” > Choose layout box layout/full width layout as your requirement.

Now click on “Publish” to save your settings.

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