Adding Home Sections

Recently we offer 2 section for free version and 5 sections for premium version with 3 additional sections. And theme offer 2 home page section layout for free and 9 sections layout with 7 additional layout. You can add any any layouts on any section and any time (you can use each layout in all sections in the same time).

Total Sections :
1. After Featured Section
2. Before Middle Section (Pro Only)
3. Middle Section (Pro Only)
4. After Middle Section(Pro Only)
5. Before Footer Section

Total Layouts for section:
1. Single Category Layout :
– Single Category – Layout 1
– Single Category – Layout 2 (Pro Only)
– Single Category – Layout 3 (Pro Only)
– Single Category – Layout 4 (Pro Only)

2. Dual Category Layout:
– Dual Category – Layout 1 (Pro Only)
– Dual Category – Layout 2
– Dual Category – Layout 3 (Pro Only)

3. Three Categories Layout:
– Three Category- Layout 1 (Pro Only)
– Three Category- Layout 2 (Pro Only)

Please find the layout design reference here

You can add the section and layout in similar way in all sections, for instance please follow the steps below to add/enable the after featured section in homepage.

  • Go to Appearance > Customize
  • Go to “Front Page Settings”
  • Go to “After Featured Section”
  • Check/Uncheck “Enable After Featured Section” to enable/disable featured section.
  • “Choose Section Layout” > Select the layout listed on options as your requirement.
  • Add header for each category and Choose Categories accordingly
  • Upload Advertisement image and add link accordingly to display the advertisement image on bottom of each section (Pro Only)

Now click on “Publish” to save your settings.

*Similarly you can enable/disable all sections in homepage.

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