How can you set up the front/home page?

After basics and general setup, now it’s your turn to set up your beautiful home page. To set up your home page, follow the steps below:

  • First, we create the home page.
  • Go to Pages> Add New
  • Add Title (For example, Home)
  • Choose the “Frontpage Template” page template under Template at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • Now click on “Publish” to save your page.
  • Set your page to be the home or front page.
  • Go to: Appearance > Customize
  • Homepage Settings
  • Choose homepage display > A static page.
  • Choose “homepage” > Your page (Example: the home page or front page that you created before to display the homepage.)
  • Now click on “Publish” to save your settings.

Now click on “Publish” to save your settings.

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