Gridchamp is a free WordPress theme that is perfect for e-commerce platforms and shopping websites. It is a feature-rich and multi-purpose theme that offers a wide range of functionalities and a pre-designed layout for the homepage. The theme was created with a mobile-first approach, making it compatible with all types of devices and ensuring a responsive layout that is accessible to businesses. It is suitable for many websites, including agencies, consultancies, charities, non-profit organizations, blogs, portfolios, galleries, business websites, and shopping sites.

Starter Layout

Rich Customizer Features

We firmly believe that simplicity is key to success, and we strive to provide the best solutions for our users through extensive research and experimentation. Our aim is to offer the best possible alternatives that meet the needs and preferences of our users.

Some Powerful Features for Premium Users!​


3 Built in Slider Layout

Our themes are power-packed with a built-in slider that offers three ready-made layouts. You can easily select the layout of your choice through the customizer and add data using a custom post type.


5 Ready Made Header Layout

We understand the importance of user experience and meeting their expectations, which is why we provide multiple header layouts. This allows users to easily switch between layouts as needed, without any hesitation.


3 Ready Made Widgets

To enhance the ease of using the sidebar of the footer widgets section, we provide three highly sought-after custom widgets that you can add anywhere in the sidebar or footer: Address Box, Recent Posts, and Social Media icons.


Blog Post Settings

We offer three different blog layouts for the free version, based on the sidebar position. However, we believe that our premium users deserve even more features for this section, which is why we provide a post-view layout. Here’s a list of the features included in our blog section:


2 Ready Made Portfolio Layout

We provide two distinct layouts for the portfolio section, both of which are available on the list page. Additionally, we offer a visually stunning single-page layout for your portfolio. You can easily select your preferred layout via the customizer and add your portfolio to the site using the custom portfolio feature.


2 Ready Made Teams Layout

We also provide a team layout, featuring two pre-built layouts, a listing page, and a single page for team member details. It’s simple to switch between layouts in the customizer, and you can easily add team members using the custom post type under Team.


2 FAQs Layout

We offer an FAQs section with two pre-built layouts that can be found under the custom post type ‘FAQs’.


3 Ready Made Testimonials Layout

Our theme is power-packed with rich features, and among these features, the testimonial section is great for boosting conversion rates. We have recently added 3 ready-made layouts for testimonials, which can be easily selected from the customizer settings and added using the custom post type.


Notification Bar

We offer a notification bar in the header, which you can easily control through the customizer. This feature allows you to use the notification bar like a pro, without any hassle or confusion.


Footer Customization

We know the value of business and credibility, so we offer footer customization for the copyright section and color customization.


2 Layout for Features

We currently offer a feature list section with one homepage layout for the features.


Brand Logo Section

We understand the importance of branding for businesses, which is why we include a logo showcase section for brands in our themes.


Scoll Top Option

Our theme offers an advanced scroll top icon option, allowing users to change the icon and style according to their requirements without any hesitation.


Sticky Header Option

Our pro version includes a ‘Sticky Menu’ feature that keeps the menu at the top of the page, even when the user scrolls down.


2 ready made product layout for Home page section

The theme offers 2 ready-made layouts for the homepage section.


Pricing Table Widgets & Section (Pro)

The theme includes a pricing table section for the homepage. To use this section, you can easily enable it through the customizer. Once enabled, you can add table widgets to the section from the sidebar widgets.



Extra CTA With 4 Column

The theme now offers an extra 4-column CTA section for the homepage. You can add 1, 2, or 4 items according to your requirements.


Pricing Table Widgets & Section (Pro)

The theme includes a pricing table section for the homepage. To use this section, you can easily enable it through the customizer. Once enabled, you can add table widgets to the section from the sidebar widgets.



Counter Section (Pro)

The theme includes a counter section that you can add to your homepage. This section allows you to display numerical values in a visually engaging way, making it perfect for showcasing statistics, milestones, or other data.


Newsletter Section(Pro)

The theme now includes a newsletter section that you can add to your homepage. This section allows you to encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list, which can help you build a loyal audience and stay in touch with your customers. You can easily customize the section to match your branding and messaging.

All sections of the homepage offer an enable/disable option, allowing you to easily customize your page layout. Additionally, you can enable or disable custom post type functionality with just one click,.

Section Re-order For Homepage

We understand that users expect a great experience when they visit a website. If you create a beautiful site using our given layout, it’s important that you have the ability to customize the order of the sections. That’s why we offer a section re-order feature for our limitless users. With this feature, you can easily change the order of your site’s sections and create a more intuitive and engaging experience for your visitors. Additionally, our hide/show option for each section allows you to further customize your layout and improve the user experience.

You can enable/disable and re-order the layout and features of the theme to your liking, and then publish your site.

See how the premium version is a complete power pack for you.

Starter Layout Single Multiple
Site Logo Branding
Color Option
Font Option
Container Width Option
Social Media Icons
Header Layout 1 5
Search Icon (Depends On Header Layout)
Woocommerce Support
Scroll Top Option
Sticky Header/Menu
Border Radius Option
Pagination Option Default Default/Numeric
Inner Page Sub-Header
Footer Widgets
Footer Options (Copyright text edit & footer scheme color)
Top Notification Bar
Blog Layout Sidebar Layout Post View Layout/Meta Hide/Show Option
Banner Option Single- Banner Only Multiple Layout (with 3 sliders)
Service Section Layout 1 2
About Us Layout 1 2 (with Counter Layout/Video option)
Features Section
Testimonial Layout 1 3 (Custom Post Type)
CTA Section
Portfolio 2 layout -(Custom Post Type)
Teams 2 layout -(Custom Post Type)
FAQs 2 layout -(Custom Post Type)
Brands (Custom Post Type)
Custom Widgets Address Box/Social Media Icons/ Recent Posts
Home Section Re-order

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