News ticker section settings

Follow the steps below to get to the news ticker section on the front page:

  • Go to Appearance > Customize.
  • Go to “Front Page Settings.”
  • Go to “News Ticker.”
  • Check or uncheck “Enable News Ticker” to enable or disable the news ticker section on the home or front page.
  • “Choose Focus News Layout” to switch the news ticker layout. (Multiple layouts are only available for the Pro version.)
  • A “Ticker News Heading” for the news ticker for layout 1
  • Setup “Total Item To Display” to display total items in the news ticker section.
  • “Choose Post Type” > Latest Post (Default: latest post displayed in this section)
  • If you choose “Choose Post Type” > Category,
  • Select Category to display posts from a specific category.

Now click on “Publish” to save your settings.

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