1. How to install and Activate “WalkerMag ” Theme?

You can install the WalkerMag theme as following 2 ways.
1. Download and Upload Manually
– Go to WordPress.org and themes library
– Search for WalkerMag or Download here.
– Download theme (theme download as zip file)
– Go to your site/wp-admin dashboard
– Go to Appearance-> Themes
– Click on “Add New” then “Upload Theme”
– Choose .zip file (that you already downloaded in your computer) and click on “Install Now”
– Wait for a moment while processing and click on “Activate”

2. Install from WordPress theme library Directly:
– Go to your site/wp-admin dashboard
– Go to Appearance > Themes
– Click on “Add New” button
– Go to search field and type “WalkerMag” and press Enter.
– Now you can see ‘WalkerMag’ > Click on “Install” and wait for a while.
– Now click on “Activate” button.

That’s all, you did it.

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