5. Testimonial Settings

We provide extra features for premium user for testimonial, free users need to be create testimonial category with post before enable the section in homepage.

If you are free users follow the steps below to create category:
– Go to Posts> Categories
– Add New Category Name(For example, Testimonials(you can put any name for this), that you want to select for testimonial catgeory.)
– Click on “Add New Category” to create category.

After that you need to add testimonials post under such category:
– Go to Post > Add New
– Add title(client/reviewer name) and content.
– Add client Image as featured image at bottom of right side.
– Now assign the category at right side few above feature image that you created before.
– Now click on “Publish” to save your testimonials. and you can add much as you want.

If you are premium users skip above steps, and you have features of custom post type for testimonials, follow the steps below to add testimonial first before enable section in home page.
– Go to Walker core > Testimonials
– Add Title as client name
– Add content
– Add Features Image
– Add position and company of reviewer accordingly.
– Now click on “Publish” to save your testimonials. and you can add much as you want.

Now finally we are ready to enable testimonial section in home page. Follow the step below to adding the Testimonial section in home page:

  • Go to Appearance > Customizer
  • Go to “Theme Frontpage Setup”
  • Go to “Testimonial”
  • Check/Uncheck “Enable Testimonial” to enable/disable Testimonial section in homepage.
  • Select the testimonial layout on “Choose Section Layout” (Only for Premium User)
  • Add “Heading” and “Description” accordingly to be shown on testimonial heading and short information.
  • Select the Category you already created with posts category (If you are premium user skip this point, testimonials automatically display from custom post type that you added before)

Now click on the “Publish” to save your settings.

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